Gerald & Cullen Rapp
Artist Representatives

P: 212.889.3337
E: info@rappart.com


Editorial Representatives
New York City:

Nancy Moore
P: 212.889.3337, ext. 103

Outside New York:
Jodie Hein
P: 212.889.3337, ext. 107

Corporate Representative
Sam Scali
P: 212.889.3337, ext. 106

Rapp|Art Artist Representatives NYC
420 Lexington Ave.
New York, NY, 10170
[ P ] :: 212.889.3337
[ F ] :: 212.889.3341

Email: dave AT davidbrinley DOT com

In 1944, Rapp Art was born in Cullen Rapp’s small art studio in the heart of New York City. He was joined by his son, Gerald in 1974 and as the years passed the studio’s roster of artists - including such legendary illustrators as Gerry Gersten, Alan E. Cober, Mark Fredrickson and Jack Davis - contributed to a vast number of national advertising campaigns and editorial publications. The legacy has continued and Rapp|Art remains one of the world’s leading illustration agencies. Today, RappArt boasts a formidable lineup of nearly 100 freelance artists based all around the world.