As an artist, designer and image maker, I seek to create work with authenticity that metaphorically illustrates an acute view of cultural, social, ethical, economic, and political issues.  My personal images are derived from a rich archive of cultural and personal references; mixing history and metaphors that form and reveal a narrative utilizing icons and symbols.  Automatic drawing, vintage ephemera, and childhood memories influence these personal images that are designed to uncover and expose an abstract and at times unsettling intersection of past youth experiences and adulthood.

 I’ve discovered that my work is usually more successful when it is personal and inherently mysterious - yet explores universal aspects of life that we can all relate to.  I have evolved as an artist by drawing and painting these personal narratives through images that evoke emotions that are unconsciously familiar which viewers discover, appreciate, and then share.  By exploring personalized messages through my own work, I have been able to bring new innovative content and visual solutions to a wide variety of gallery, underground, and commercial illustration projects. 

 My process typically begins with a pencil and free associating through writing, or in many cases, reading - which then leads to sketching.  Written memories, word lists, oxymorons, historical referencing, and allegories are all critical in making decisions.  I mainly work with acrylic paint on hardwood for their painterly application while maintaining a crisp, colorful, tactile surface.  Frequently, themes are combined into images that feature objects juxtaposed with subjects embellished with texture and a unique sense of space and approach to the picture plane. I aim to fold time by designing elements into new conceptually charged pieces derived from my experiences and recollections.  I also utilize Photoshop and digital technology as an extension for compositional exploration, collage, sketch manipulation, and for finishing client work. 

 My current work is a culmination of the imagery and processes I've developed and explored in recent years. I continue to create experimental portraits based on growing up, as well as underground projects that incorporate digital collages, ink drawing, and photo manipulation.  I love to explore the visual semiotics of images, and will continue to draw inspiration from fine art, figurative painting, the history of illustration, pastiche, parody, collage, appropriation, and especially my research of art and design of the early twentieth century.